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Fate never lies.

The Dark Beasts never leave their own lands, they say; contiguous territories aren’t what they desire, they believe. Yet, the prophetic vision of a baleful night seems to question everything. Grÿljr, the magical goblet of the alliance, has been stolen, and the ancestral balance it has sealed between mortal humans and Creatures of Vesper has been broken for so long. And, now, an unprecedented war led by the terrible Dark Beasts is about to strike the lands of Mœrn Lan. Fionnualla, the last descendant of the ancient Drellonian lineage, will have to take a treacherous journey in search of her own destiny and will have to find the faith necessary to guide her people against the invading army. Will the young girl be able to fulfil the task entrusted by Fate and thus restore the lost alliance without losing her innocence?

… Phania had no alternative. If Fionnualla’s destiny was really that important, someone would come to rescue her, she told herself. And, perhaps, in order that the Goddess interceded and sent someone or something, the only solution was to put the life of the Chosen in serious danger.”

[youtube https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/watch?v=JqEOJGbHw8c]
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