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Viljial Vilmesar! Welcome!

charles nella prateriaWelcome to the official website of Charles-Emmanuel Pellissier, author born among the high peaks of Aosta Valley.

Tireless explorer of fantasy and fervent seeker of the unfindable, Charles has been writing since he has learned how to hold a pen in his hand or how to type on a keyboard.

Apart from the worlds beyond the pages, he dedicates himself to cinema and film direction, looking for ever-new methods to voice his own stories.

If you want to know more about Charles, please click the link on the right. If you wish to find out more about his latest works or about news, take a look below.

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On the wings of the Messengers of the Goddess: “The Last Immortal Flight”

It all started with a dream. Or maybe I should say with a nightmare. It was a night of three years ago, when I run into her, the Necromancer, in dream. She was wicked, evil… And splendid. A splendor so intense that made her even more wicked. But besides that,…

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“Fionnualla” has been released in English too!

At last, the first book of “The Chronicles of Mœrn Lan” is available in English too! As someone may have read in my previous post, the release of “Fionnualla” was scheduled in a month, during the summer solstice; a way to celebrate the two-year release of the Italian edition and… Also for…

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