Weaves of Blood

One life for another. Always.

The news about the advent of the Necromancer is spreading faster and more deeply than expected. Queen Loara, deprived of her power of foresight without any apparent reason, is forced to face the consequences of her own lies and fight a war between the walls of her Castle in Druatah. Fionnualla, heir to the Drellonian throne, is tormented by the thought of not being able to protect her Kingdom from the advance of the witch, and the only expedient would be to bind herslef to a being that would turn her into an unstoppable misfortune. Meanwhile in Nihmras, something even darker than the mere Ancestral Madness has poisoned the heart of King Feramnys, something so acrimonious and powerful as to be able to oust the Ancient Gods and take their place with blood and brutality.

… Fionnualla would be the cause of a massacre of innocent lives; a war, perhaps, and only the Gods could know which peoples that would involve: the South, Drello Llion, Druatah. But the diviner hadn’t been clear, and she hadn’t asked enough questions. Only one thing could be certain: someone would be ready to rejoice of every fallen man and to take advantage of every wasted soul, in order to take possession of the divine power and thus have the whole Mœrn Lan in her hand.


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