“Sulla Via delle Fate” by Monica Canducci

“This book is (…) a sort of fairy castle that you can visit both by choosing a linear path and by entering the rooms hidden by other links; you may take the risk of getting a bit lost, but you’ll certainly find the way back to the path suggested by the index”.

This is how Monica Canducci, authoress and polyhedral artist from Italy, introduces her latest work “Sulla Via delle Fate” – “On the Faerie Way”. “…It seems the Fairy dimension is rather labyrinthine…” she adds.

“Sulla Via delle Fate” is one of a kind, because it is impossible and restrictive to attribute a single genre to it. First of all, it is an initiatory journey in search of yourself in the spiritual world, spurring the reader to get in touch with the forces of Nature and its oldest inhabitants: Elves and Fairies.

Each of us should pay more attention to the world around us, to the people we interact with and to the feelings we decide to embrace, because only our choices can bring us closer to or away from the Faerie World.

In “Sulla Via delle Fate” there is so much more: in addition to the theoretical part, you’ll find a collection of short stories, written (… and maybe lived?) by the author herself. Seven stories, seven hidden treasures, where the precious are the lessons learned in the course of the book and repeated in the moral of each story.

“Sulla Via delle Fate” is written with great care and with a perfect style to lead the reader into a magic world. The magic does not end by closing the book, though, because you can enter the Faerie World through the amazing illustrations and paintings of the authoress on her official website. And as Monica Canducci herself says, “…be careful not to miss the Room of the Secret…”.

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