On the wings of the Messengers of the Goddess: “The Last Immortal Flight”

It all started with a dream. Or maybe I should say with a nightmare. It was a night of three years ago, when I run into her, the Necromancer, in dream. She was wicked, evil… And splendid. A splendor so intense that made her even more wicked. But besides that,…

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“Fionnualla” has been released in English too!

At last, the first book of “The Chronicles of Mœrn Lan” is available in English too! As someone may have read in my previous post, the release of “Fionnualla” was scheduled in a month, during the summer solstice; a way to celebrate the two-year release of the Italian edition and… Also for…

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The English version of “Fionnualla” has finally a release date!

After two years since the publication of the first chapter of the fantasy series “The Chronicles of Mœrn Lan”, I’m finally ready to reveal that “Fionnualla” will shortly have its English translation! And the release date was not chosen at random, in fact after two Summer Solstices since the Italian…

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Casting for the book trailer of the second volume of “the Chronicles of Mœrn Lan”

I think the time has come to say it… Dear guys, the casting for the book trailer of the second volume of “the Chronicles of Mœrn Lan” is now open! 🙂 First of all however, I’d like to wish you a happy new year, or how we say in my…

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“Fionnualla” dresses up in paper

fionnualla book coverAfter the eBook, here comes the paper version of “Fionnualla”! Compared to the electronic version, the editing for this volume took up more time than expected, the layout first of all, the press was even longer 🙂 However, I am pleased to tell you that we finally saw the results of our efforts!

The page layout was edited by Fabio Cento and me, alternating at the computer not to lose too many dioptres. We wanted to add some innovations to the classic layout; you’ll jugde if we did right or not.

The cover takes up the previous graphics and gives more freedom to the forest behind the protagonist and adds some Messengers. dalith phir drawingTo be honest, this involved only Fabio, he is the graphic designer! 🙂

The illustrations of the eBook (three to be exact) have been enriched by two more, for a total of five ink drawings, whose purpose is to accompany the story as the engravings of a journal. You will find them in the prologue and in the chapters 4, 7, 8 and 9. I’ve always loved this style of illustrations in black and white with clean and marked lines; I hope you’ll like them too! And do not forget to have a look on the official map of Mœrn Lan 🙂.

If you are interested in one paper copy of “Fionnualla”, you can easily find it on Amazon and IBS.

LibriSecond solution, easier and more immediate, is contacting me through the form, so as to receive the book signed directly to your home with a little free gadget of the book 🙂.

Viljial Chnaal May the path be in your favour!

How to read the Arboreal Tongue and other languages

As you guys may have read from the site, I am fond of languages, I’d rather say maniacally, sickly fond of languages; and as you may have seen in the book, if you’ve read it, I’ve used words and names that may appear unpronounceable… So, I would better provide the…

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Teamwork, first of all…

Good day everyone and welcome to my personal blog! 🙂 I won’t introduce myself once more, because you can find enough details in the website and I do not want to sound boring; yet, I would like to tell you how this space and my fantasy novel “Fionnualla” were created…

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