Teamwork, first of all…

Good day everyone and welcome to my personal blog! 🙂 I won’t introduce myself once more, because you can find enough details in the website and I do not want to sound boring; yet, I would like to tell you how this space and my fantasy novel “Fionnualla” were created :).

I’ve always been a supporter of independent work, but I gladly have to admit that you cannot always do everything on your own, or rather, you cannot always do everything in a good way on your own. To create something well done and organized, it sometimes takes more minds specialized in a particular sector and with specific skills.

Screenshot from the editing of "Fionnualla | Booktrailer"

Screenshot from the editing of “Fionnualla | Booktrailer”

Yes, with this article I’d like to thank all those people who have supported, accompanied, encouraged and helped me during this journey, because, if introducing myself again could be unnecessary, thanks won’t ever be enough, especially in my case :).

The website you see has been built by my brother Joël, webmaster and Apps developer for iOS and Android; graphics were created by my partner Fabio, professional graphic designer and film director. And, of course, I have written the texts… or you would blame me for slavery :).

To tell the truth, the book “Fionnualla” sees the same professionals; Joël has been involved in the creation of the epub, the electronic format book, and Fabio has drawn the cover and the interior illustrations.

Other professionals have joined us for the book trailer, and by now, I would dare to say, besides colleagues, they are friends. Alice, actress and model, has given the protagonist a face and a voice; Roberto, sound engineer and musician, has worked for the special sound effects; the soundtrack was played by Clynos, a Norwegian composer who I unfortunately haven’t met, but I thank him heartily.

If you are interested in finding out more about my colleagues’s professions, just have a look on “Collaborations”, where you can find further informations and contact details.

Last but not least, I must thank my mother Eva who guides and inspires me every day, although she’s beyond time and space now.

I hope you’ll enjoy my book and if you want to find news, I’ll be here to tell you other stories :).

See you soon!



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