“Fleurs de Papier” is back!

Hello folks! 😀 I’m so proud and even a bit moved to tell you that “Fleurs de Papier” is back! You’ll be probably wondering what “Fleurs de Papier” is. Well, it is a collection of poems in Franco-provençal and French, written by my mother, the poetess Eva Pellissier from Aosta Valley, and by me. The previous edition, as you can see in the section “Books” of my website, was edited by Faligi Editore from Aosta and published in 2011.


Over the years, the copyright with the publishing house expired and after two years we really had to do something 🙂 . My brother and I have been thinking about this for such a long time to be honest, so last autumn we started to work on a new, independent collection. We decided to enlarge the previous one with our mother’s last poems, to add some of mine, and to provide the Italian translation 🙂 . Moreover, we renewed the website where our mother used to publish her poems, we created new graphics and shot a book trailer 🙂 . This is how “Fleurs de Papier – Poésies Valdôtaines” was born, a phoenix with the scent of pansies, a way to remember all together the voice and the heart of Eva Pellissier 🙂 .

By now, you should know that, my brother created the new website, I edited and translated the texts and our trusty Fabio Cento created the graphics and the book trailer. In this regard, I’d like to say that what you see in the cover is not a mirage, but the amazing Florida Damasco who gave poetry a face 🙂 .

If you are interested, you’ll easily find the eBook of “Fleurs de Papier – Poésies Valdôtaines” on Kobo, Amazonkindle, iBooks, Nook, GooglePlay and the paper version on Amazon e IBS 🙂 . Or, as usual, if you wish for a special dedication, you can write to me and ask 😀 .Fleurs paper

In short, I hope our efforts were worth it and that you’ll like our latest work! I’ll finish with something my mother used to say when we were asked why we had chosen such a title for a collection of poems. You’ll even easily understand what “Fleurs de Papier” is about:

“Poems are flowers, flower made of paper, some have bright colours, others have scents; others have thorns… This is Fleurs de Papier, a collection of emotions, images, reflections that we all encounter in the course of our existence”.

Viljial Chnaal – May the path be in your favour!


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